Summer is here...and all the freedom it comes with.
And hopefully I'll have more time to dedicate myself to this unsatisfied monster called my blog. Not that people are anxious to read my blog but more or less my anxiousness to get my thoughts out here on this wonderful world of web. I'll be anchoring at my school's TV station. Now you may recall my previous thoughts on how I didn't want to become a reporter or anchor or anything of the sort. Well, yeah I don't. But well...I figured well part of my tuition is paying for this opportunity and then they also asked gosh twist my arm..why not? I mean I'll just sit there and read the news to people at home too lazy/busy to go read it on the internet. How rough can that be. I just hope they don't ask me to do anything shower...and look nice....kidding. :)
I naturally smell and look nice. Anyway I'm gonna wait until after the first week and then I'll send you a link so you can see me live...reading you the thrilling.
More bugs and critters (does anyone even use that word anymore?) have been sneaking their way into my house. Last week alone I killed 2 crickets, 3 cockroaches, and 2 spiders. That's it, I'm fumigating.
And I also have this old computer from the dark ages that I need to do something's slow and hazardous to my health.
Other than that, things are normal here at the home front. Lets just hope they stay that way.
Catch you next time, and I promise I will try to be on here sooner (yeah, yeah all we bloggers say that). Peace anyway.