Why I believe in God

I normally wouldn't do this because I don't consider my blog to be the forum on which to express these kinds of thoughts. I prefer this kind of discussion of topic to be conducted face-to-face in a more intimate setting, as to allow room for questions and if need be (though I abhor it) a heated disagreement.
However, I have been urged to do so from friends and strangers alike. I thought about it and weighed the options. My blog is a random wandering through a variety of topics, mostly capitalizing on technology, my college life, and other topics that do not hit sensitive nerves. Personal beliefs and politics hit sensitive nerves, both of which I try to avoid here.
But I think it's time to hit a nerve and give you a summation of why I believe what I do. This question was posed to me by an atheist acquaintance and I answered it as you shall see below.
Please note: I don't convince people. This is not me trying to convince you. You, as well as other people, will make your own choices. You will come to a conclusion you believe best suits you, just as I have. However, I highly encourage you, as I have done, to commit yourself to a lot of research before you come to a conclusion. Read both sides, or if there are more than two sides, read all sides. Wrong decisions and conclusions are results of ignorance.

Witness to me, Head-Strong [sic] Christian. Why do you believe?

My reply:
I believe:
-because I've done enough research for myself to come to the conclusion that the Bible is a historically accurate book.
-because I believe that every human being's person desires justice. Without God I don't believe we would have justice.
-because I believe in balance...we are imperfect creatures living in an imperfect world...there must be a perfect Being and a perfect place.
-because I believe our soul, the mind, the heart, of a person is such that it will outlast our physical body. And I don't believe it goes out into space....I believe there is a destination for that part of humans.
-because it's not impossible to believe. There are many impossible things/ideas we believe in science. We can't see ourselves think, I can't hold it, but we know people do because of actions they commit. We can't see gravity, but we know "it" exists because it holds things down. We don't know what dark energy is, yet we know dark energy produces a repulsive force field and we believe it exists.
-because I am a better person because of my belief in God. I would be a much more terrible person, if I did not have this belief.
-We are imperfect creatures, to go to a perfect place we need to be perfect. Because we are not, someone would have to take our imperfections to allow ourselves to go to that perfect place. I believe Jesus came in the human form of God and lived 33 years on this earth in perfection and died to take our imperfections on Him. I believe because of the sacrifice of His perfect self to death, that allows us to enter into a perfect place as long as we believe it.

I want you to know, I am not writing this to convince you. In fact, I know what I have written you will combat and disagree with. I'm ok with that. Everyone was granted with a free will, a will to decide what they believe and do not believe. I simply wrote, in answer to your question, why I believe what I believe.

John 3:16