Today is the day

After a week and a half of planning, Gainesville is going to have it's second tweetup (it might be it's third, there have been varying stories). Regardless I am super psyched and nervous all at the same time. Psyched because I will be meeting these amazing faces behind the tweets and nervous because...well....what if they don't like me? Eh...they'll only have to put up with me for 2 hours, that can't be all that bad can it? ;)
I have so many people I want to thank for making this happen (I feel like I'm about to make an Oscar speech) and I'm desperately hoping to be able to do that in person tonight. I really hope it's a success but even more than that I really hope to meet all the Gainesville tweeters and create an awesome networking opportunity for Gainesville tweeps. If you're a Gainesville tweep and reading this, I hope to see you tonight bright and early at 6:00pm at Stubbies on University!