Excited? naaahhhh...

So I took that giant step and submitted a photo to a contest. I say giant because I don't take rejection very well. However, I won. (What I would really like to do is take that period and exchange it for an exclamation point) What did I win, you may ask? I won a digital underwater camera. I wasn't sure if it was legit, but my camera came in a couple of days ago. :) It's so pretty! I'm aching to go into the pool and just test it out. The case that goes around the digital camera to protect it when it goes underwater is beautiful! The case can go down to a 180 feet! Ya know how I got my scuba license? Well know I really have a reason to go scubaing!
The digital camera isn't bad. I personally prefer the one I have, but my Panasonic isn't made to fit the case like the one I won. Heck, I shouldn't be complaining. But anyway, just thought I would let you in on my excitement. Though using the word excitement to describe my feelings right now would be an understatement.

Google it, baby

Sometimes the slowness and, frankly, the stupidity of people just gets under my skin. One thing college has taught me is if you don't know how to do something or where to get it, you "google" it.
Yeah, I know, I've spent 8 grand on my education and with all the time I've been in college, this is the one thing I endorse? yep. Go to google, type in your problem/question; I can guarantee there will be a site presented to you with the answer on it. Amazing. Yet I have received some of the dumbest questions known to man. "How do I post on a blog?" Google it.
So I guess I have just got to bear some people lacking initiative. That will be tough.
Anyway...So I've struggled, yes mentally I really have, struggled with the fact that I don't have as much time to blog and post and research like I would like to. (Yes, all you English majors...I ended that sentence with a preposition and if you have no idea what I am talking about skip this parentheses.) In my travels on the web, I stumbled across a mind boggling post. Why didn't I think about this before?! Technology doesn't make me a slave to post everyday! Yes! (and yes that is me jumping off my couch for joy, I'm telling you I was quite happy)michelle hipps jumping in the airOh, I'm about to clog the blog-o-sphere again...I'm making another web-blogg. Should be fun...so keep a sharp eye out....as a reader you owe it to me to check it out. ;)
Almost forgot here is google's logo for St. Patty's day....

Tell me I didn't waste my time

I spent another few hours of my life clogging up blogger and making my auntie a site which she could refer to for rental season...
I'm desperately hoping she likes it...because then that will mean I didn't stay up till 3:00 for nothing...I know, I'm a nutcase...but what can I say I'm dedicated!

Feedback from my small audience would be gratefully and humbly appreciated.

P.S. should I associate myself with my aunt's site in my profile...I'm not quite sure.

I can check that off...

One of the things on my "bucket list" was to make a video...well I did....
Man...I'm just so proud of it too.....
Here's my baby...

Give me Tom Sartori..

It has been awhile hasn't it? Missed me much? :)
Well I missed you.

I heard of this car program they have directed at college students called Flexcar and ZipCar....wait lemme check to see if that's right...yup, it is!
Anyhoo....so they charge students about 40-50 bucks a year as a membership fee and you get this swipe card. So every time you want to rent/borrow a car you swipe your card on the side door and it unlocks and you grab the keys from somewhere (I think it's from the glove department). That sounds kinda nice till I kept reading and found out that they charge either 60 bucks a day for using it or 6.50 per hour. I mean granted you don't have to pay for insurance, maintenance, and upkeep....but that's still kinda alot. And unless you live a block from the place you still have to get someone to drop you off at the place to pick up your car...well heck, why not just give the person who drops you off some cash to borrow their car for the day? Some people make this so complicated.....
On to a new topic...Normally I don't do this but I'm promoting an artist: Tom Sartori. I heard/saw him at Fat Tuesday's here in G'ville and I gotta say I was kinda impressed. His music is kinda contemporary, alternative, pop kind of music with a dash of country. I liked it. Give it a listen if you have nothing better to do and lemme know what you're thoughts are on it. I would be intrigued to know.
Anything else? nah I think that's it....oh I might take a picture of me couch surfing and throw it on my last post...so yeah, don't be surprised if I show up there.
Anyway I gotta go to the gym, gosh stop holding me up. ;)