No time for error codes

Not that you really have much of a choice...but I'm thinking I'm going to leave my current template up (as unattractive as it is) because I'm tired of foolin' around with this code and because I don't really have the time to mess with it right now. So endure it for least another couple of weeks and then I (hopefully) should be up and running (not that I'm not now) with a new better template.

Anyway...also want to mention a business that I practically worship, Rebbecca Rosin Photography...this girl I know, she does amazing photography, editing, and print work. I mean this girl has mad skillz. Look at this............
she's about to put up her website and when she does I'll be sure to pass it along.....anyway that picture be low is me.....I know..I look like a human being right?

Takin' a break...

Still working on this error code...I swear it's making me go crazy.
I need a break....
A friend asked me what I look like anchoring the news... this is it.mean and serious...

Wretched bX-xdmtya error

Every time I attempt to edit my template this bX-xdmtya error code comes up. And from what I can tell its been happening since the beginning of this year and Google hasn't found a way to fix it yet. Agh. I've heard people say you need to report because the more people that fill out the report the more reason the Google crew has to look into it. So I have, but I have been racking my brain and the web for solutions......oooooohhhh I am so annoyed.....

What happened???

Yes, I know....
I was fixing some links and my template crashed.
but it'll be up and running in a few days....maybe this is the excuse I needed to change/update my template. :)

A little B.S.

To post or not to post...

Let me start by saying, I'm not so very confident about this post. I've written it 3 times, read it 20 times, and even now I'm not sure how to write it, much less what to say about it. But I feel a need to just talk about it. I mean I could avoid it altogether and not discuss it...oh pfftt...I'll just start talking about my topic. So relationships. The one between a boy and girl. That kind. I've noticed I've come around full swing. Allow me to take you back...When I first entered the dating world I used to be very cynical towards relationships. I firmly believed no guy was worth my time. I believed I didn't need a boy to do anything (I still do). I believed this for a good period of time. But eventually I got into a relationship where I was dating this boy every other month for 6 months. Why? I mean I had been so anti-relationship....well my family liked the boy.....and I adore my family so I just kinda dated him. But it was on and off. So after that relationship ended...I just became kind of apathetic towards relationships. I took the approach of "relationships, I guess, I mean if you want one yeah...." I dated here and there. Got into very brief relationships here and there (one lasted a week). None too serious (though there was an exception)............You know what, it just dawned on me why I'm apprehensive discussing this topic; it's personal and I'm not a 100% comfortable with that. I blog on very impersonal topics (generally) and now I'm spilling my soul.....ha!'d better appreciate this.But anyway, back to what I was saying. So yes, I continued dating after a year of being in college...let me clarify when I say date, I mean exactly that. We go to dinner, talk, eat, I go home. That's it. I'm a respectable girl. But anyway, I think after doing that a couple of times, I've come around full swing. Well, almost at least. I'm well on my way there.I've almost reached that Anti-Relationship status that I was at so long ago.I think I'm disappointed with what I've seen and have come to decide that being alone and being disappointed with myself is better than being with someone and being disappointed with them and me. I also think that I can't commit. I'm not sure I ever will. I mean I can, but I won't. I think I've realized some things just aren't worth my time. And boys happen to be one of them. I'm always amused by the reply I get when someone has discussed relationships with me and they discover where I'm standing on the issue. It comes in stages. Disbelief, deference, and doubt. First they can't believe I'm anti-relationship. Then they semi-respect me. And then they say, almost always, "You say that now Michelle, but you watch you'll be the first one married off. You are the marrying kind." It humors me. Tremendously. Relationships are almost over-rated. Am I cynical again? I think so. I was looking for "that" relationship, that one that would be so fun to be in.....but reality set in and now...I've flipped the sign on my shop door to 'Closed'. Life has more to offer than just has amazing friends, enriching experiences, photographic moments, and many other things that we girls sometimes forget about when we are in a relationship...............Okay enough talk about that.Now 180 degrees onto the topic of technology (sorta). I'm recording what's on my many VHS tapes onto is a time consuming process but also an educational one. If you ever undertake the same project, you will need to know 2 things. First, initialize. If you pop in a blank DVD (brand new) and the converter asks if you want to initialize, do so. If it's not blank and you've already recorded some stuff on it, then don't. Initialize basically means wipe out what’s on the DVD and start over. So only initialize if you don’t have anything on your DVD or you want to wipe something off. Secondly, Finalize. When you are done burning your stuff from VHS to DVD, you must finalize to view it. You can't just burn it onto your DVD and then expect to be have to finalize. Finalizing is like the sealing process. It tells the DVD you can’t have anything else recorded on here you can only play in a DVD deck. You can also finalize on your computer with various programs, like Roxio. I have another month of converting...(I have a lot of VHS tapes) so if I have any other tidbits regarding this conversion process, I shall be sure to let you know. Anyway back to converting...

My temporary loss...

Summer makes me so lazy. I have done so little (with the exception of today). Today I was up at 6:40 a.m. and off to try my hand at Vinyasa Yoga. Quite an interesting experience I would first I started doing the poses and I thought that it was the dumbest thing I had ever done in my short life. But then they started getting hard. And I changed my mind. I learned that I'm not flexible and I have zero balance. Fabulous.
But anyway that's not really what I'm here to talk about. Nope. I know I have neglected my blog but my reasons for doing so are valid. I went to Texas to visit my bestie and captured a cold (what a great way of saying that! 'captured a cold!') then I got on the plane to go back to Ft. Lauderdale. I came back in one piece but a day later I had a bloody freakin' painful earache. It woke me up at 3:40 in the morning and nearly pounded the brains right out of my ear, it was extremely painful. My mom found me crouched in the corner of my bed clutching my left ear at 7 something that morning...She wanted to take me to the ER but, me being me, I staunchly refused. That my friends is the dumbest thing you could ever do. If you can rate your pain higher than a 5, I would have said my was an 8 (my mom asked me to rate my pain) you should go to the ER. Don't be all me.
Anyway I nearly passed out from the pain, or what I have no idea...but the point is I nearly passed out. You should be concerned at this point; I have never passed out in my life.
I remember sitting at the dining room table, feeling my stomach lurch, and me thinking 'oh snap, I'm gonna throw up.' I walked as fast as I could toward the bathroom, opened up the lid, and said those famous lines 'Mom?' My mom walked over (more like ran) when she saw me go sheet white...and I slumped onto the bathroom floor (yes, I know, nasty). My mom started saying my name...and calling my brother at the same time. My brother said I was white enough that you could see the veins in my forehead. Of course my brother would notice that...never mind me dying on the floor...
Anyway I start coming to and my mom puts me to bed....which was hard because I was exhausted but the pain was so great I couldn't (haha!) we abused prescription medicine. Hey I wasn't for it, but after my experience I'm all for it! She gave me Hydrocordone(?), leftovers from when my brother had his wisdom teeth removed. It put me to sleep in 45 minutes. I woke up after with blood coming from my ear (this just gets better and better) and it wasn't a drip-drop blood thing either, I mean it was coming. My mom who's in the medical field said something about a middle ear infection, oh joyousness. That day I just mostly slept.
The next day I went to see my doctor, I didn't have an appointment, which is a huge no-no for them at least, so I kinda shoved my way into an appointment. I get in there and the doctor is looking at my bloodied ear and she says, and I'll never forget "Michelle, you should have come sooner." Oh..................well I guess shoving my way into an appointment didn't cut time I'll just barrel through the doors, forget the receptionist and the other people waiting. Oh the irony. Anyway my doc flipped her top and shoved me into another appointment, same day, with an ENT doctor.
Oh and did I mention, that since the moment blood was coming from my ear I was deaf in that ear? That was the best part!
But anyway, off I go to the ENT doctor and he tells me I do, in fact, have a middle ear infection, perhaps a blood clot on my eardrum, and a buildup of blood in my ear. He gives me steroids and another batch of pills that didn't seem as exciting as the steroids and sends me on my way informing me that I will get my hearing back (that is what concerned me most) but it might take up to a month.
It took about 3 weeks for me. But it did come back. Ironically also, prior to that whole experience about a month before I was talking to someone, I can't recall who...but I said that between seeing and hearing I would rather lose my sight....there is no replacement for the sound of human voices. And then I lose hearing in one of my ears. God has a sense of humor.
Regardless the whole experience was fabulous. Yes, it was awkward, I had to turn my head to really grasp what you were saying..I would get really dizzy just getting up from a chair sometimes...if you spoke behind me I had no idea what direction you were coming from..and my right ear (I never thought this was possible) would get tired of listening...really it would. At the end of a day I would tune people out without even intending to do so. Very strange.
Now I can hear fairly well, not fully yet, but I know the direction of's still in some a very faint earache...but overall I'm on the mend.
I wrote this in my drug-induced state when I noticed my hearing was going in my left ear:
I now know what it is like to be deaf.
It is just what you hear on TV when the screen darkens and the voices fade away.
The people's voices, the clamor of the dishes, the slamming of a door are just a whisper.
It is as if they muffle themselves to avoid being overheard.
I guess that sums it up pretty well.
But anyway my last thought is for photographers with dSLR cameras!
You have to check out this site, but most importantly this's just so creative.
I promise to post again later on this week :)