Bad-ass Blogger

So since I've received Jemima (my iPhone) I've been on Twitter like my life depended on it...I can even say I prefer it to Facebook. It's way more ingenious. You can get updates from people you don't know but whose thoughts, ideas, or way of thinking you prefer. And these can be people from a variety of walks of life: sucessful, just starting, old, young, geeks, health name it, it's on there.
I think Twitter's popularity is due mostly to it's medium....more people have phones that are compatible to being on Twitter and updating on Twitter.
Being on Twitter has made me aware of how small I am...I used to think I could becoma a bad-ass blogger. But nope. Not even close. There are people who have been in the blogosphere for longer and while in the process, have really made a name for themselves. I am so insignificant. So why don't I just stop? 'Cause. I don't want to. I'm not here to start a revolution or rebellion...I'm here because it's fun. :)
So when you read this blog, be forewarned: I'm here for the fun of it.
On a side note...tomorrow is the last day of my internship! yay! and this...this is a cute video.

You need me...

...You know you do.
I've been working my butt off at my internship and at my job...this past week I punched in almost 50 hours. So forgive my need for sleep. I have alot to talk about (when do I not?) but seeing as it's 1:11 in the morning and I have to work tomorrow...I'm probably better off catching up on some sleep. One update though: I can hear :) out of both ears.
Okay, okay, enough prolonging this inevitable departure.
Later homefries.

What PR companies need to know.

I have a nasty cough. I don’t have a cold (at least I don’t think so) but I have this cough and it’s been hanging around for about 3 days now. It needs to exit out the front door.
Anyway so you must know I’m interning at a PR company…well working here has made me realize how stupid, but necessary interning is for a student.
Working here has also made me realize that PR companies are going to die a slow death if they don’t figure out what’s going on. I updated the phonelist here and it didn’t occur to me till afterwords that it is the blood in this company’s veins. That phonelist is this company’s “Rolodex” of 30 years of hard work….and I can get all those number online, minus the 30 years. PR companies aren’t necessary anymore. There really is no reason for them…they refuse to blog, because they’re afraid of their message getting skewed or of feedback, they won’t delve into the web, because they think people prefer to view their information on paper, they’re terrified of change and immediacy, and their contacts can be gotten anywhere. Why PR are you still here?
I have come across one PR company who I think finally got the idea. I was so happy. Because quite honestly, I think the social media should have gone to PR companies. They were the most apt to handle it….communication is their thing. But they didn’t take the reins fast enough…same goes for journalism…but at least journalism took part of it before it was completely lost to them….PR hasn’t done a thing.
So now, a person anywhere, any age, doing anything can start their own blog, join twitter, get their name out via digg, and have more contacts and be more prominent than any PR company. I agree with Melvin Yuan, what I think is going to happen is that companies will start to realize that they just need one person inside their company to manage their information. One person who will maintain a blog, update their website, be active on Twitter, and most importantly be transparent. The company’s audience shouldn’t have to go through numerous persons to get the real scoop. The day where that happened is over. People’s attention spans are shorter and they won’t tolerate it…and if you aren’t accommodating them: you lost them.

Been meaning to do this..

It's been awhile I know..
but good news. I mean really good news. I got an iPhone. :) call it my early Christmas gift :)
I am a happy little soul. So hence the reason I haven't blogged...I've been messing around on 'Jemima'...oh, I named her. Anyway, here are the updates....I'm interning at a PR company and working at Houston's, and the combination is going to kill me. But anyway, I went to the audiologist doctor today...and now I'm on steroids. They don't think my deafness is permanent. Thank God.
Oh and yesterday, I was mentioned in a California classroom 3,000 miles away because my friend thought an action I committed was relevant to his lesson plan that day. I thought that was pretty cool.
Oh annnnndddd my brother pulled out the trampoline. Expect some trampoline pics. I can almost guarantee you. Wow....I am just rambling on and on.....I'm so sorry....this is an atrocious post. *sigh* I'm just tired. I'm having a hard time coming up with things to say....that's a first.
Well I mean, I know there's some stuff I wanted to mention like: Sarah Palin's a artist, this would be incredibly cool to have, and this is a quote well worth my opinion.
Oh and that me and my family want to spread holiday cheer to you. :)
I guess that's all I'm having a hard time forming a coherent I shall call it a night.
But one last thought:
"The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians, who acknowledge Jesus with their lips and walk out the door, and deny Him by their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable."
So Christian ponder that. Be on fire, or be my firewood.

Edit your photo's

I am a crazy photo editor....I just love to do it and Picnik is the other half of my picture editing heart. I used it today and I love it. Just love it. Oh, not only is it a pretty sweet online photo's free. this is starting to go around the block and back again a couple of I thought I would share it with you. Pretty funny.

Invitation to the pity party

Finals are over with, I feel like someone just unstrapped me from a very tight corset. It's a relief. Anyway, so I spent 3 hours at the doctor's and special clinic to test my left ear because I can no longer hear from it. I walked away with no relief from the silence. Tomorrow I'm gong to an ENT to see if they can somehow treat it. Now if you have been a faithful follower of this wonderful, amazing, superfluous, blog you will remember I came back from TX's over the summer on a plane while I had a cold. The result from that was a serious infection that had me deaf for about a month. Well, the ear that was infected is the same ear that is now deaf. The problems never cease. Anyway, I cried for a bit while coming back home. I don't want to be partially deaf, that's just no fun. But then I realized: I still have the other ear, so it's really not all that bad. My life could be much worse. The pity party that I was enjoying so much earlier got broken up by my positive thoughts. that was my day. I also heard that alot of '.com's' are being used around the world wide web so "officials" are probably going to start using '.mobi' as a substitute for '.com'....actually '.mobi' is already available for public registration.
so yeah I thought that was pretty interesting.....what kinda stinks though is that it's 4 letters...not 3 like .com.
Why couldn't they have made it two? or one? sheesh...they need a person like me to work for them. :P

Happy Birthday to me!

Totally meant to do this 2 months ago..but my blog is a year old (and two months in change)!

You probably already know..

But O.J. will be sentenced to at least six years for armed robbery and kidnapping in a horrible attempt to get back sports memorabilia from two collectibles peddlers. Man, what a moron. I mean seriously, he was in the public eye, people know him, and then he goes and pulls a stunt like that for memorabilia? Sheesh. To be a criminal is to be stupid.
But on an even funnier note:

What can you do with one string..

I love to watch videos..

Who doesn't. you'll love me for introducing you to this guy's site. It's as addicting as Youtube.
Last thought. For all women who don't think they're as pretty as those poster board girls.

Procrastination at it's finest..

So yes....I changed my layout. Are you really surprised? Psh. You shouldn't be.
I didn't really like the other one. It wasn't spacious like this one is. I like my blogs to be spacious. Leaves me feeling like I have lots of room to write. Anyway, I have a 6 page paper that is due in a day and a half and that I should be banging away on but instead I shall regal you of things I have seen and discovered.
Ever heard of Geocaching? I had never heard of it and oh my word it's insane. So word for word this is what they say it is 'a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices.' Literally. People hide things around the world and you can go look for them and find them. I looked for caches here in G'ville and the list was endless. I really had no idea so many people were doing this...but it does sound fun. For right now you need a GPS device to help you find these caches but they are working on an app for the you wouldn't need to lug your GPS around. (sigh) Another reason to have an iPhone.
Okay so I live in Florida....growing up in Ft. Lauderdale I never associated Florida with the word cold, but this morning it was 28 degrees! There was snow on the ground! Ok, so maybe not snow; it was a large amount of frost covering a large part of the road I was going by. I would have taken a picture of it, cause I had my camera with me, but in a classic Michelle Epic Fail moment, I forgot my memory card. Fail.
I have more to write about but this paper is blocking almost every thought that comes to mind.
I best get working on it....