It's only Wednesday???

It should have rained all day instead of only part of the day.
I wanted the world to miserable with me.
but on the other hand did listen to some fabulous music!
If you enjoy acoustic, I highly recommend you check out Andy McKee on YouTube.
His music is inspiring.

You stupid girls...

My blog is generally light-hearted and very casual...I don't delve into anything deep because that's not really what I want this blog to be...(anything deep goes into my diary.)
But I have really been thinking lately. Thinking about stuff that bothers me. Like really bothers me. Like stupid girls. Yup, I'm bashing my own gender...believe it.
Girls that can't see whats in front of their faces or refuse to and cover it up or pass it off just really gets my goat (yeah I said it.)
The ones that deal with stupid boys just......grrr. Just bothers me. I mean, yes, stupid boys bother me too, but the stupid girls that put up with the stupid boys are even more bothersome. The girls that put up with the guys that swear, pull guns out to just 'play around' with, that disrespect them, that do drugs, that can't hold a job down, are previously married...those girls are stupid. And they are even dumber when they marry them. Then once they are married to the guy they just can't 'believe' that he is the way he is. Der! Why are you surprised that he's doing drugs...why are you surprised he's sleeping with other women....why are you surprised he's slapping you around....he was doing it before he said 'I do'! Did you expect him to make a 180 degree turn around? If so...your IQ is way below normal. Boy that bothers me...I shut my mouth about it the majority of the time because I know quite a few people in this situation.
It also bothers me how girls think they need a guy to 'complete' themselves. Like they can't survive on their own...psh. I could keep going on forever...but my soapbox is limited to only so many.
Anyway...the new iPhone 2 is coming out...and there are so many rumors surrounding it. I won't repeat them cause we don't what it's really going to entail...oh shucks what am I talking about...Read away on the rumors.
But it's gonna be $199...I like it...much more feasible :)

P.S. I don't own a diary.

oh and..

Happy Father's Day Dad's!

Kinda like this idea...

OPEC sells oil for $136.00 a barrel.
OPEC nations buy U.S. grain at $7.00 a bushel.
Solution: Sell grain for $136.00 a bushel.
Can't buy it? oh sorry... eat your oil, though!
Ought to go well with a nice thick grilled fillet of camel...

On my table...

I realized you can't save people...not from their problems, their addictions, their miseries...and I knew that. But I thought you could coerce/sway their thinking to save them. But it's not at all possible. They have to want to be saved and in their desire to be saved that spurns the course of action they will take to be saved. The only thing you can do is put the facts on the table..i.e. smoking will kill you. So I shall do the same: Les Feldick.

My deep-seated desires...

I come up with (well at least I think I do) the best post topics for my blog when I'm biking home. I realized today that I have a deep-seated desire to get a motorcycle. And no Harley Davidson either; I want a crotch rocket. I don't know if that will or will not surprise people...This has been building up ever since I saw a girl riding her own biggie...but she was riding her bike with heels on. Dude, I could so do that. Today I saw a girl riding her bike with, ya know, normal clothes and sneakers on. But when she passed me, I realized: I want one. So that's going on my list of things to get.
Anyway, a friend of mine (thank you Keith Newhouse!) recently clued me on Friend Feed and Twitter. I was a 'lil hesitant about using Twitter, for reasons I really don't know why. But I have fallen into love with it and I don't think I'm gonna try to fall out of it. Twitter is, basically, a one sentence can update it as often as you would like with what you're doing, thinking, where you're going, etc. Now FaceBook has the same can update your status. And I love that about FaceBook....but I always feel like I can't update it all that much, because seriously who wants to see a mini-feed of my pointless crap? But with Twitter...oh baby. I can inundate it with my pointless crap...and people will even subscribe to it. Oh sweet Love. I have yet to really get into FriendFeed....Twitter seems to fulfill my selfish needs. You can hook it up to your blog so whenever you update Twitter you update your nice. Of course this would be much more convenient (you know I hate that word 'convenient' I have to try, like, 15 times to get it spelled correctly!) if I had a mobile phone complete with internet. Anyway my amigo Keith, is working for this place Grooveshark, if you've never heard of it. Please, don't tell me you haven't and just go check it out.
Anything else...lemme check my cerebellum....nope that's all.

It's a Sunday

About two days ago I gave blood...yeah, I know... I'm such a humanitarian.... and I was sitting there with that needle stuck in my arm thinking "dude I don't know how they do it in the movies." You know how there's those scenes in the movies where some guy is in the hospital bed and the bad guy is coming after him so he just yanks the needles out of his arm and runs off to escape the bad guys only to later destroy them (hope I didn't ruin the ending for you)..but I could never do that. Yes, I am fully aware they are just acting.. but still I could never do it. I actually hate needles...I can't look when they stick me...but I do it anyway to face that fear. (I feel like I should pound my chest and do a Tarzan yell right about now.) I think it's good for me.
Anyway nothing new in the world of least nothing that I know of...I'm sure there is something new...I'm just too lazy to look it up. :P Hey, it's a Sunday, what did you expect?
But now, I should mention I am going to direct your attention to a certain site. Why? Well it has been insinuated/suggested/referenced that I plagiarized/copy/stole my site name from this site. It's a very good site...I actually go to the same university and am in the same college with the owner of the site. I never noticed the name of his site until it was brought to my attention (I am generally not very good with details) and I never correlated the name of my site with his until, again, it was brought to my attention. Anyway....I have his explicit permission to link to his site (which I'm calling 'The Original' because it has been thus assumed) so check it frequently and at your leisure...
hmmm anything else? nothing except it rained today and I took a picture of what it left behind.
Oh and I got my site name by taking my first, middle, and last name...scrambling the letters...and pulling a meaningless word from it: mileless. I kinda liked it...if I had to put a definition to the word I would say it means to go nowhere fast.