Twitter Peeves

Quite a bit has been going on in my mundane life these past weeks. Where to start....
Well I got hit by a car on my bike while on my way to school. That was quite fun. Nothing quite as cool as telling people you flew into an intersection superman style.
My grandfather was admitted to the ER two days ago due to a hematoma in his stomach. He's on the mend and will be discharged in a few days (much to my relief).
While at a stoplight I got out of my car to tell a woman who littered that she committed a crime that would have cost her $500 if I was a cop and caught her. Also mentioned that it was my planet too and so she shouldn't do it again. I should have worn my cape that day.
All in all it's been rather adventurous life, try not to be envious.
I've been twittering like it's crack. In fact, I've devoted so much time to twitter that my blog has suffered it because of it (my sincerest apologies). In my defense though, it's hard to blog from an iPhone. Anyway as result of my umbilical cord to twitter I've developed a few peeves. First, those darn spammers (I would use more colorful language describing these spammers, but I'm exercising self control). They bug me. To no end. But what can you do about them? Not much really.
So I move to my second pet peeve regarding twitter: the "pump and dump". The "pump and dump" refers to people who follow you on twitter, so that you will follow them back, so that they can then de-follow you to make it seem as though they have more followers than the people they following. Follow me? (If not, re-read). They irritate me to no end. So when people add me now, I take into account the amount of updates (to determine how much of a twitterer they really are, mostly the newbies "pump and dump", and to also determine the quality of their tweets, usually nice tweeters won't "pump and dump").
Third twitter pet peeve, those auto DM's (direct messages). How much more impersonal can you be? My day won't end if you don't thank me for following you. Really, I promise you I will survive. If you really want to thank me for following you, interact with me. Sending me an automated DM is like me trying to get a job by sending a resume instead of setting up a meeting and talking to them face-to-face. Technology is increasing the speed at which we communicate but it is also increasing the impersonableness of it. Please don't help that with your automated DM's.
Those are currently my top 3 peeves in regards to twitter. *sigh* If only I ruled the world, this would never happen. >)