Forget web 2.0, bring on web 3.0

You might have heard of the term Web 2.0...if you haven't, look it up.
Because we are moving from 2.0 to 3.0 and it's gonna be good.
Web 2.0 is based on a movement that happened on the web that catered to internet users to create a more interactive experience and allow more interaction between other users. Web 3.0 is based on the same idea but will now put the communication power straight into the hands of ordinary citizens. Forget the newspapers, tv news, and radio...I can now get my news straight from someone who has been at the scene and with the power of the web I can ask them questions regarding their experience and almost instantaneously I can receive an answer. How is this possible? Via a cellular device, your cell. Cell phones now have the option of connecting to the internet almost anywhere. Information and communication will now be faster than ever. Web 3.0 will also bring a more 3D experience to web browsing, how so? Second Life would be a great place to demonstrate a little Web 3.0. You can virtually live your life. Now, honestly, I'm not sure how Second Life will last, but the idea will be retained for a much longer time. The idea that an experience is more than just 2 dimensional, more than just a two way conversation. I would describe Web 2.0 as a conversation between two people online through a forum. Web 3.0 is a conversation between many people, in a more real environment, maybe simulated, maybe not; and more instant. Web 3.0: it's gonna be big.

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