I can explain

I haven't blogged in a whole day so let me update you. I went to my grandparents house, about an hour away, to help set up some Christmas stuff, but I mostly ended up sorting silverware. It was a mess; my grandparents own 3 houses on the same land and between all the houses it was madness. But fear not; the silverware dilemma has been resolved, all silverware has been returned to it's proper location. I hadn't planned on spending the night but my grandparents "conned" me into staying. Me and my Grandmama planned on getting up and going Christmas shopping in the morning. More on that later. Anyway, have to share this picture with you because it's simply amazing.Lake house Totally made spending the night in my Grandfather's shirt worth it (it ended up coming home with me). Not that it was bad, but I felt like I was stealing his shirt. Amazing no? It's my Grandparents lake house. So we left in the morning headed east and visited my aunt at The Iron Gate a design/furniture store. It was a really nice store but the stuff was really expensive, really expensive. Like one table was $18,000. What would you do with a $18,000 table?!?! This sofa was $3,000, and one leaf piece was a couple hundred. People and their money are ridiculous. Next me and Grandmama went to Ruby Tuesday where this little kid stared at me while I ate my food kinda unnerving.Kid Staring Anyway so we went Christmas shopping and bought absolutely nothing. But we did do alot of window shopping! I even worked up the courage to try on a dress at Gadzooks but I didn't like what I was presenting so back on the rack it went. It would have been a good deal for the dress, only $34. (Unlike $18,000) But we looked around, listened to some guy playing on the piano, watched kids playing on the playground, looked at jewelry, looked at furniture...Coffee Bubblesyou things you do at a mall. It was a good way to burn the calories we just ingested after eating at Tuesday's. After not finding anything we headed back home to the lake, Rubybut not before stopping off at Publix for dinner. There, my grandmother was off shopping, while I grabbed the complimentary coffee blew bubbles in it and pushed the cart around. Grocery shopping is just so much fun. Look at that photo. Ronnie HippsI should be a professional. Anyway after, might I add much deliberation, mi Grandmama settle on salmon for dinner. Wise choice. Lets go. I swept the front porch and did a couple of other things around the house before I left. Just so I would feel like I did something. I like knowing I helped my grandparents out before leaving. Anyway, over all, full day. I got alot done with my grandmother and had a good time doing it. Hopefully if my school schedule allows I'll be able to do more of that. So thats the reason I didn't blog yesterday. I was a busy girl.

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