The kodak moment

Michelle HippsMe and my bros went and took some secret pictures for our mom this Christmas. We were too cheap to do it in a studio so we bought some polos, grabbed our cousin and went to the beach for these photos. They turned out ok..seeing as we were on a time constraint (we had a half an hour to take these pictures). But I was hoping that every one of them would be really good. In total we have about 25 pictures and only 4 of them are usable because of someone not having their eyes open or not smiling, etc. Anyway it I was kinda disappointed with my cousins photog skills but I guess not everyone can be as good as me :) just kiddin'. The best one, I think, was one that we randomly did. I cropped and photoshopped it a lil bit but it didn't take away from the picture.....I felt like it should be on a target commercial or something. Otherwise this is the one I'm happiest with.....Michelle Hipps

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