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Wanna know the difference between Web 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0? Look here.
Wanna know how we are moving from Web 2.0 to 3.0? The answer is here.
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I've spent about the past month of my life looking for Web 2.0/Web 3.0 applications. And I gotta say after finding some of these apps, I've found now I can't live without them.

- Ask 5000 People (something similar to it is Askeet!, but not quite like it)
Some one once said there is wisdom to be found in the crowds. This site is based off that idea. The sites platform allows you to pose a question to people all over the world and get an answer back in about 5 minutes. It has a map on it as well so you can see where they are located when they answered.

- Runners Map
This is one of those sites I can't live without. It has a map on it that allows you to mark where you are going to start running to where you are going to stop. You can run all over the city and it will tell you how many miles you run and what your route looks like from a road map view or satellite view.

- Train Check
TrainCheck sends the next 3 train times at ANY stop in your metro to your SMS or email enabled cell phone. Very, very nice and convenient.

- Call the Future
It's in demo mode now but this idea could definitely turn into something sweet. CallTheFuture calls the specified number with the given return name.

- Meebo
Can't download AIM, Yahoo Instant Messenger, or any Instant Message user face to your computer? Meebo is your answer. It's IMing through an internet window. A very nice feature.

- TierraWiki
According to the site "TierraWiki is a site for sharing and visualizing GPS routes. The premise behind TierraWiki is that each of us is an expert of at least one area that others would be interested in and that there are the hundreds of areas within our reach that we haven't explored because we don’t know about them." So far they have done a very nice job of that.

- Google's Grand Central
You have one number that rings all your numbers and puts them into one voicemail box. Sounds interesting...but I have to wonder, how many phones does Google thing we have? Though I am signed up I have yet to use this application.

- Go2Web20
The Web 2.0 directory comes to life! But we are already moving into the 3.0 age...so I wonder what they are going to do about the 2.0 name they got going on.

- Second Life
Live out your life, virtually.

- Mosaic of Photography
So maybe this is not an application, but it is cool to see. And I can imagine that instead of using the pictures they provide it will be done with photos we provide. There are a couple of bugs with it; they probably are still working on it.

- 43 Things (also similar to it is My 50 Things)
Create a list online of things you want to do, see, experience. Share it with other people, see how your list changes, and see what you get accomplished. Get feedback. Feel good.

- Whrrl
You can share real-world life experiences and discover places, events, and people through the chronicles of others. And you can do it via your mobile. Sa-weet.

- Clipmarks (similar to that is Diigo)
See a web page you like? Clip it. Share it.

- Del.icio.us (there is also Simpy)
Same idea but you share the links instead. Essentially it a page dedicated to your favorite or maybe not so favorite links. You can also group them together too.

- Flickr (also similar to it is Smug Mug and Photobucket)
By far the best photo sharing and manging site for your pictures, Flickr allows you to upload personal photos, share them, search them, comment on them, and create off them. This is one big fan of that site.

- Google Maps (also just as interesting Google Earth)
A virtual map of the entire globe (thankfully for us blondes) with directions. Though I'm not sure if Area 51 is visible...

- Gmail
Gmail's personal belief is that you should never have to delete your mail, you should be able access it when you need it even if it's a year old. In addition to having Gmail you also get a iGoogle page where you can put what news you want to see, your calender, your weather cast, photos, and, of course, your email's inbox on your main page. For me it's like my desk...only virtual.

- Protopage
If you don't click on the above link just to look at it, well I'm going to be annoyed. This is a page, in my very small opinion, worth looking at. It is your personalized news, sticky notes, bookmarks, and your dog on your page. And you can share it too. Have you ever been at the office and somebody wanted to do something but you told you couldn't cause you are so busy and they don't believe you so you slide them your schedule book with all you sticky notes on it to prove it. You can do the same thing with protopage. Just send them the link!

- Rememeber the Milk
A list you create online that you can send to yourself via email, IM, or SMS. Very convenient.

- Gabbr
Gabbr allows you to read and comment on the latest news across major news sources as well as across the blogosphere. Bloggers can submit their blog posts to appear on the front page for others to comment on.

- Digg
Digg is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web. From the biggest online destinations to the most obscure blog, Digg surfaces the best stuff as voted on by the users.

- Blogniscient
Blogniscient categorizes and ranks blog articles and blogs in real time, providing the latest information on the best blog entries.

- Memeorandum
Memeorandum offers a window into the world of online news, focusing primarily on U.S. politics and current affairs. It auto-generates a news summary every 5 minutes, drawing on experts and pundits, insiders and outsiders, media professionals and amateur bloggers.

- Tailrank
By tracking conversations between blogs, Tailrank finds the hottest posts from millions of blogs so you don't have to. How nice.

- Writeboard
Writeboard is shareable, web based text documents that let you save every edit, roll back to any version and compare your changes. You can use it to collaborate with people or you can use it solo.

- Voo2Do
Voo2do tracks priority, due date, and time estimates for each task. There is no notion of "lists" in voo2do— tasks can be grouped by project, but you can view and edit a bunch of projects together. Handy for the ambitious person.

- Esnips (also there is Multiply)
ESnips is a social content-sharing site, where you can publish and share any media type. You have practically unlimited flexibility in choosing what you want to share, and with whom, in 5GB of free space.

- Pageflakes
Customize what you want to see on the internet.

- Net Worth IQ
Find out what your net worth is by age, income, occupation, education, and country. Then go track it as it changes.

- Stumble Upon
Channel surf the internet with aStumbleUpon toolbar to find great sites, videos, photos and more based on your interests. StumbleUpon learns what you like and makes better recommendations.

- Pandora (also similar to it is LastFM, this one is more like social networking music)
Another one of my personal favorites. You type in the name of a song and artist you like and Pandora searches out similar songs like it based off the genre, voice, instruments and other stuff related to the song.

- Measure Map
Measure Map helps you understand what people do at your blog, and what influence you are having on the world. Google just purchased them.

- Visual Thesauruses
The Visual Thesaurus is an interactive dictionary and thesaurus with an innovative graph display that encourages exploration and learning.

- Youtube (similar to it, but at the same time entirely different is JumpCut)
A popular video site that allows you to post your videos, view others, and comment on them as well.

- Web 2 Logo
A digital mega mall that displays the logos of what you're looking for.

- Loopnote (along the same lines, I believe, is Brightkite)
Loopnote allows you to send multi-channel messages about events and things you want to share via, SMS, IM, email, or RSS feeds. You can subscribe to others loops too.

- Best Stuff
Best Stuff simply asks you to input your ‘best stuff’ in the world: whether it be a song that inspires you, your favourite little Indian restaurant, or the best explication of Kantian aesthetics. You'll be able to discover what people from around the world think is the best and share your best stuff.

- Furl
With Furl, you can save a copy of a web page and it is archived for you. This means that you can access that page and read it any time you need to, even if the web site is down, or the page has changed on the original web site, or even if the page is no longer accessible for free. In those cases where the web page has changed and you would rather have the new content, you can refresh the archived copy at will.

- MeteoStone
MeteoStone is an experimental project for people to collect and share meteorological data about weather all over the world. Everything on MeteoStone, all data and all content is provided by users. MeteoStone collects all local weather data and shows it on the map. Almost every hour (or less) they analyze the data and make reports for all zoom levels of the map.

- Share Dish
Shared Dish is a Web 2.0 social recipe sharing site. Add recipes, find recipes and vote on recipes to help create the ultimate community edited cookbook.

- My Friend Suggests
My Friend Suggests uses personalized suggestion features to learn about new and great places in your area. You can learn about the best places in your area from people just like you. Get personalized recommendations on everything from a reliable contractor to a new barbershop. Their similarity rating shows you how similar other user's tastes are to your own.

Other Web 2.0 information/application:
-Web 2.0 Toolbar
-Web 2.0 List

If you think I should add anything else, let me know! :)

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