Open Courseware, Free Knowledge

All this opensource ware is catching up and its making a catch-up in academics. MIT is offering their class videos, lecture notes, syllabics, exams, and assignments online. And they aren't the only ones, Johns Hopkins, Tufts, Notre Dame and Yale are doing the same.
The only real major difference between online and real courses is that you can't get credit or earn a degree on free courseware (that's what it's called). Bummer. But still that is free info; info you don't have to pay for.
Another sweet thing is "iTunes U", a section of Apple's popular music and video downloading service, now publicly hosts free material from 28 colleges. Does it get better. Of course.
The University of California, Berkeley, recently announced it would be the first to make full course lectures available on YouTube. Well, to all you homeschooling moms, nerds, or people who simply want to watch a guy swing from a pendulum in class. I simply say: enjoy.

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