I biked to school today and as I was biking home I had the pleasure of getting honked at! Yay! One of the guys even leaned out of this window and did an Indian yell in my direction. I wonder where they get their psychic abilities. Getting honked at and feeling like a piece of meat just....oh...just completes my day. (if cannot sense my sarcasm you should probably leave). I hope I have a bucket of water ready on my bike so the next time someone leans out of their window and in my general direction I can douse their dreams of cat calling. Probably wouldn't be a good idea though.....what if someone was just being nice and telling me my tire was flat and BAM!-water in their face! Yeah...that might not be the brightest idea.
Anyway, I also realized the number of classes a student takes should be directly proportional to how lazy and how severe a procrastinator they are. Because I'm taking 3 and lazy gene is kicking in preetttyyy strong right about now. I mean I should be studying, but where am I? On my laptop talking to you about buckets of water and classes. I have my priorities in order ;)
Anyway, (yeah I know I started off the last paragraph with 'anyway' but I'm using it again so get over it....and if you didn't even notice...skip this parentheses unless you probably already read it, which is likely keep reading), you probably want to know what is new what is hip...well my friend you have come to the right place.

I was contacted by Verve Earth; it's a 'Google' earth of sorts that has a bunch of blogs posted from around the world; a very neat idea. They have a couple hundred or so people on it, and it's very easy to set up your blog on their world map.

Annnnnddd.... have you ever heard of Post Secret? You can send in a post card with your secrets on it...and you can do it anonymously. Ok no biggie right? Well Post Secret has made some of the post cards they relieve available online...yeahhh......still not impressed? Well then to you I make the challenge of going to their site and reading some of the postcards. Forewarning: People have written some very personal things; all sad, or happy, or just plain funny.

Just read it. I'm gonna get back to studying...they tell me it'll make me smarter. Whatever that means ;)

Oh and here are all some of the Google decorations I've missed:

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