Yeah, you can get

Google Analytics...just saying the names gives me the giggles.
They now have more options that let you know how many loyal readers you have, where people find your blog/site from, how long their visits were, how many pages of yours they visit...the list keeps going. I took a picture from the inside....(yep people I went undercover...sheesh...the things I do for you). My screen shot shows my readers don't go to many of my other pages (72.03% of my audience to be exact) granted I have about 70 posts but still!!! You are my dedicated audience, you should be combing my site!! And if you aren't a part of my dedicated audience you should be! Regardless...the changes Google made are welcomed. Also on the law side...thought this was worth a mention; as a blogger you can be held for libelous or slanderous comments that you make on your blog towards a person. Not a public figure, but a privet citizen. Now that I've shocked you into stunned silence, the actually likelihood of that happening is slim; unless you're Perez Hilton or Jeff Jarvis and a ton of people read your blog. But just thought I should throw that out there.
I'm a huge photography freak...not an expert mind you but I love to play around with my lil camera and my $500 Photoshop program. Jealous? We'll if you have your camera but not the $500 to splurge on Photoshop (or even if you do...) you can get some of the wonderful things Photoshop provides by getting them.....where else? online.
Yup, Adobe Photoshop Express is the name of this game and it's quite handy, you can upload these pictures online and edit them...go to another computer miles away log on to the same site and wallah! (or voila, your choice) there they are. And lemme tell you if I didn't have my precious Photoshop I would be on this site like white on rice.......actually I am already and I have Photoshop. Told you you I was a photography freak. Anyway that's my shout out for the day. This Friday I have 2 tests and I haven't study for them (well not like I should have)...yeesh....I should be on that like white on rice.

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