It's a Sunday

About two days ago I gave blood...yeah, I know... I'm such a humanitarian.... and I was sitting there with that needle stuck in my arm thinking "dude I don't know how they do it in the movies." You know how there's those scenes in the movies where some guy is in the hospital bed and the bad guy is coming after him so he just yanks the needles out of his arm and runs off to escape the bad guys only to later destroy them (hope I didn't ruin the ending for you)..but I could never do that. Yes, I am fully aware they are just acting.. but still I could never do it. I actually hate needles...I can't look when they stick me...but I do it anyway to face that fear. (I feel like I should pound my chest and do a Tarzan yell right about now.) I think it's good for me.
Anyway nothing new in the world of least nothing that I know of...I'm sure there is something new...I'm just too lazy to look it up. :P Hey, it's a Sunday, what did you expect?
But now, I should mention I am going to direct your attention to a certain site. Why? Well it has been insinuated/suggested/referenced that I plagiarized/copy/stole my site name from this site. It's a very good site...I actually go to the same university and am in the same college with the owner of the site. I never noticed the name of his site until it was brought to my attention (I am generally not very good with details) and I never correlated the name of my site with his until, again, it was brought to my attention. Anyway....I have his explicit permission to link to his site (which I'm calling 'The Original' because it has been thus assumed) so check it frequently and at your leisure...
hmmm anything else? nothing except it rained today and I took a picture of what it left behind.
Oh and I got my site name by taking my first, middle, and last name...scrambling the letters...and pulling a meaningless word from it: mileless. I kinda liked it...if I had to put a definition to the word I would say it means to go nowhere fast.


Ryan said...

First and foremost, kudos to you for donating blood. It's importance is completely underestimated. It is funny about your comment about the guy ripping his IV lines out and such because it actually happens quite a bit. Sometimes the patients are a little agitated by simply being in the hospital that they try to rip them out. Usually the wrist and limb restraints are applied. Other are delirious and honestly don't realize what they are doing. Believe it or not, from what I have observed, the patients are more prone to try to rip their urethral catheter out!! YIKES!!

Miles Doran said...

I really appreciate this post. There's a link to your site on my site now.