No time for error codes

Not that you really have much of a choice...but I'm thinking I'm going to leave my current template up (as unattractive as it is) because I'm tired of foolin' around with this code and because I don't really have the time to mess with it right now. So endure it for least another couple of weeks and then I (hopefully) should be up and running (not that I'm not now) with a new better template.

Anyway...also want to mention a business that I practically worship, Rebbecca Rosin Photography...this girl I know, she does amazing photography, editing, and print work. I mean this girl has mad skillz. Look at this............
she's about to put up her website and when she does I'll be sure to pass it along.....anyway that picture be low is me.....I know..I look like a human being right?

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