Bad-ass Blogger

So since I've received Jemima (my iPhone) I've been on Twitter like my life depended on it...I can even say I prefer it to Facebook. It's way more ingenious. You can get updates from people you don't know but whose thoughts, ideas, or way of thinking you prefer. And these can be people from a variety of walks of life: sucessful, just starting, old, young, geeks, health name it, it's on there.
I think Twitter's popularity is due mostly to it's medium....more people have phones that are compatible to being on Twitter and updating on Twitter.
Being on Twitter has made me aware of how small I am...I used to think I could becoma a bad-ass blogger. But nope. Not even close. There are people who have been in the blogosphere for longer and while in the process, have really made a name for themselves. I am so insignificant. So why don't I just stop? 'Cause. I don't want to. I'm not here to start a revolution or rebellion...I'm here because it's fun. :)
So when you read this blog, be forewarned: I'm here for the fun of it.
On a side note...tomorrow is the last day of my internship! yay! and this...this is a cute video.

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