Invitation to the pity party

Finals are over with, I feel like someone just unstrapped me from a very tight corset. It's a relief. Anyway, so I spent 3 hours at the doctor's and special clinic to test my left ear because I can no longer hear from it. I walked away with no relief from the silence. Tomorrow I'm gong to an ENT to see if they can somehow treat it. Now if you have been a faithful follower of this wonderful, amazing, superfluous, blog you will remember I came back from TX's over the summer on a plane while I had a cold. The result from that was a serious infection that had me deaf for about a month. Well, the ear that was infected is the same ear that is now deaf. The problems never cease. Anyway, I cried for a bit while coming back home. I don't want to be partially deaf, that's just no fun. But then I realized: I still have the other ear, so it's really not all that bad. My life could be much worse. The pity party that I was enjoying so much earlier got broken up by my positive thoughts. that was my day. I also heard that alot of '.com's' are being used around the world wide web so "officials" are probably going to start using '.mobi' as a substitute for '.com'....actually '.mobi' is already available for public registration.
so yeah I thought that was pretty interesting.....what kinda stinks though is that it's 4 letters...not 3 like .com.
Why couldn't they have made it two? or one? sheesh...they need a person like me to work for them. :P

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