One widget to rule them all..

I needed to add widgets to my blog to point people to where I'm at on the web. So I strolled over to various sites to look at their widgets and was not really liking the huge variety that I saw...I mean I like the widgets..but each site that I was on had various sizes, colors, etc...they seemed so mish-mashed when I tested them out. And I realized that someone needs to create one widget that can pull from any/each site that you want and neatly organize it for the audience's review. So I found and that's what I have on my website....but, I'm still not happy with has advertisements on it...and I can't add widgets to it...notice technorati is not on it...hulu's not on it...the only gave me a limited selection, and that makes me unhappy.
But it was the best I could find for the current moment. I can't see myself sticking with it for very long, but I shall settle for it now. Because if I know the web, like I think I do, something better will come out. I'm counting on it.
Anyway you gotta watch this video it's so sweet.


Kostandinos said...

Check out this widget box:

Basically the same, though no pop-up ad and fewer badges. Thought this might help...

Michelle Hipps said...

Thanks! that helps :)