Wedding board..

So if you aren't already aware of my love/hate relationship with wedding planning...I have a love/hate relationship with wedding planning. It's gotten better as I've nailed the big things down and have vowed to plan no more things until I get back from Europe. It's been kind of nice. And I'm quite sure that my facebook friends appreciate it (I have a horrible, atrocious habit of complaining about wedding things on facebook, poor souls). I do try to keep the complaining to a minimum as I refuse to become like one of those girls who update their status with only wedding things, so annoying.
But anyway, I'm I love to do. So I saw a post by Style Me Pretty on how they allow you to make a wedding inspiration board. What the heck is that? It basically allows you to put pictures of stuff you like right next to each other to see if you like the overall picture.
"How horribly delightful" I thought upon seeing the post (because I knew I was going to get suckered in). So I spent a half hour of my life creating myself a board, the fanagling you have to do to get your images on the board is rather tedious as I don't think they have all their coding all ironed out, but I made one.

I was surprised to realize I had a lot of details already figured out. I had saved myself a few photos of things I knew I wanted to do, and seeing it all on the board makes everything a whole lot easier. So when I'm deciding on stuff and I'm not sure about it, I'll just whip out the board, compare with what I'm thinking about doing, see if it goes with the overall theme of what I know I'm looking for and voila! Indecisive me turns into a decisive me! Now that's what I'm talking about.
I spent a half hour on the darned thing, feel like I should do something with it. Sooooo I posted it up here for the world to see (aka my mom, I think she's the only one who sometimes reads this thing). So yep. Wedding inspiration board. What a lame name for it.

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