I like England, but I love Scotland....

I slept rather well last night except for the occasional slamming of doors and rustles of plastic bags, all in all I got 8 hours of sleep. Even still I think my body was dragging.
We went to sleep without dinner last night because we came in so late and were so tired. So I woke up grumpy and ravenous. The clerk that checked us out of our hostel was starting to look good; Bella knew I needed food. We ate at this delicious place called Jacques Cafe on market street. So good. I wanted the food to never end, but like all things it did.
We wandered up to Edinburgh Castle, it was amazing. It sits on a cliff and overlooks the city, the steep towers stand out like a hooker in church....well maybe not like that....but it sure does stand out. We checked out the gift shop (we never do that) and found amazing tartan scarves and hats that I lusted over, however the price and the lack of space in my luggage could not justify me purchasing it. So we moved on.
We went to the Scottish Whiskey Experience, where we toured the place and checked out the world's largest collection of Scottish Whiskey. Bella treated me to real Scottish malt whiskey for my birthday, it went down well.
We then wandered the city. Checked out some cathedrals, looked around more gift shops, listened to bagpipes, and sat down and talked. We took it kinda slow today. Mostly just listening, watching, and engrossing ourself in the culture. We both came to the conclusion that we love Scotland. I'm glad I'm made up of 25% of that place.
We decided to head back to Uxbridge where tomorrow we'll head to Stonehenge and Bath for the day. So till tomorrow mates.

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