Leaving the states..

I have never truly liked Miami. Yet I found myself in Miami international airports concourse when US airways neglected to tell me my flight left earlier than my ticket informed me. so they shuffled me off to Miami when they discovered their error. Miami. Busy. Shuffling. No signs to be found anywhere Miami. I don't like you. Don't get me wrong I appreciate your culture, your uniqueness but I do not like the way you operate.
So here I find myself on the floor by gate E8, waiting for the next hour for you to take me to England where I shall celebrate the country of my birth's independence from you. It has hit me how far you will take me from my home, from my fiancé, from my school, from my life. What was I thinking...
Regardless here I am. After months of preparation, planning, and talking about it here I am. And I am not going to lie....I'm scared. Terrified even. What if the plane goes down. What if I get mugged. What if something bad happens.
Then I remind myself....there are worse things. I could be in a third world country, fighting for food, fighting for my life....this minor fear of being alone in a concourse and thinking about a plane going down isn't so bad anymore. By most standards I'm safe. I've got the bare necessities. And....a brand spanking new iPad. Seriously, I'm good. Its weird not having a phone though.....it's weird how silent it is. I never knew how accustomed I was to the sound of incessant texts. That and email. But I suppose I needed that. It reminds me that there are things outside of text messages and emails.
Though I could really use email right now. What did we ever do without email....
Well I guess I'm about to find out. Wish me luck on my study abroad. Europe....here I come.

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