Milan, fashion capital

At 5:40am Belgium time, my butt was out of bed. Which means it was 11:40pm Florida time. It was weird to think that while I was getting up the peeps I know in my home town were going to bed getting ready for the next day, which for me had already started. We bustled our way to the station and then headed off on to begin our 14 hour trip to Milan. The first leg of it was 8 hours long and the destination was Zurich. This part of our trip took us through the better parts of Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and France. We jumped off at Luxembourg so that we could say we've been to Luxembourg; literally stepped off the train and stood there for 1 minute on the platform and then got back on the train. We can be lame sometimes.
While being in a train all day is pretty lame in of itself, the scenery passing by outside our windows kept me from falling asleep, unlike Bella....who passed out the first second she got. She passes out when she's bored, and being on a train all day is pretty boring....though really she's just half cat.
The scenery was gorgeous though. I saw abandoned buildings in such beautiful settings that made me crave my "real" camera. I saw meadows that made me swear Bambi was filmed there. I saw meandering meadows that reflected the mountains they sat beneath. I saw pine trees I thought only existed in the imagination. I saw deprived impoverished communities. I saw a picturesque lake with an abandoned canoe nestled in the cove of a mountain. Truly Belgium and Luxembourg is made up of beautiful scenery.
Switzerland was even more beautiful. We had to go through the Swiss Alps to get to Milan and wow......words cannot describe the majesty I saw. The mountains looked like what you would see on screensavers. They were snow capped with cascades of water coming down the sides and they stretched for miles. It was amazing.
We had to switch trains due to a landslide which made our arrival into Milan an hour and some change later than we anticipated. Regardless we arrived. And it was raining. It rains at almost every city we first arrive at. Anyway we scurried off the train and headed down the platform that reminded me of London's platform, however stepping out into the lobby it was apparent we weren't in London. The train station alone exhibited incredible architecture. The ceiling was high and flanked by etched faces while the floor was covered by mosaics. It was very beautiful and I would have appreciated it more had I not had a nagging feeling. I felt like I was being watched.
Milan was pretty alive at 10:30 at night. So we attempted to get ourselves a place to stay for the night at the local internet cafe. We did so successfully and wandered outside to find ourselves a taxi. Walking down the streets was a strange feeling; I still felt like I was being watched.
Bella and I were talking as we walked towards the taxi area and she mentioned she felt like she was being watched; I was glad I wasn't the only one who felt like this. For awhile I thought my imagination was overreacting.
We managed to make it to the hotel safe and sound. We were excited about our digs; the hotel was new and had unlimited wifi. This, to us, was heaven.
We scrambled into our beds and surfed the internet till we fell asleep.
I like Milan already.

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