Movie day

Goodbye London; goodbye graffittied walls, Mary Poppins rooftops, gothic cathedral spires that point to the sky, people who give me directions with their friendly British eyes, to their flavor-lacking cuisine, to their fickle weather, to the country that holds within it my favorite prince and princess. I shall miss you. Surprisingly. I didn't think I would miss you all that much, but you were my first. My first country outside of the States to visit and because of you I understand the addiction to travel. I understand why people who do it want to see the world. Because I do too. Even if it is tiring.
Today we spent the day lounging around in bed and then finally rousing at 10am. We watched the movie Marley and Me (which is great movie, do watch, fantastic movie) and finally got out the door at 1-ish. We went to Daniela's and Kyle's old house and helped them clean it so that they can get their deposit back. Cleaning the house was good for my soul. It reminded me of when I cleaned the house with my mom on Saturday's, we'd have good chats, good long soulful chats. I miss those days.
We cleaned for a few hours till deciding that the job was sufficient enough and headed off to the grocery store. We got some stuff and got ice cream, then drove home with the windows down. As weird as it was to be in a small car, driving on the wrong side of the road, that will probably be one of my favorite memories.
We got home and lounged around even more. We watched Invincible and a few other movies. Its been a while since I've watched that many movies. But it was nice and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I prepared for our flight tomorrow which is scheduled to fly out in the evening. I'll probably do some laundry and repack again. But until then I'll just sleep.

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