Oxford (part 2)

We meet again Oxford.
You haven't changed a bit.
My second interview was there today and I must say it went swimmingly well. I went with one of the girls in the education program, Meghan, and it was quite nice as we were of the same appeal. I had met her before when Dr. W organized a meeting for all the people going to England for the program. I knew when I met her there that I would like her, however as the meeting was in her house I didn't feel at liberty to be my rambunctious self, so I was polite and demure, something I am not often. We walked around Oxford for a bit before my second interview and we had a grand time. I have to say I enjoyed myself and Oxford much more that day and I realized something; you can only truly enjoy something when you share it with someone. I went off to my second interview after we agreed to meet up at a corner street.
My second interview with Dr. S exceeded my expectations. She was by far the most interesting and pleasant person I have yet to encounter. She was gracious and answered all of my questions and gave me an enormous amount of material to work with. When our interview wrapped up I thanked her politely and told her "Dr. S it was my pleasure to interview you." Her reply: "if you need anything else don't hesitate to email me and, please, call me Sandra." Favorite. Oxfordian. Person. Ever. She was the coolest, as we Americans say.
I then met up with Meghan and we walked around for a bit. We walked to her interview spot so she knew where it was and wouldn't be late. As we walked back to the center of Oxford (Meghan's interview spot was on the outskirts) we ran into a mess of Oxford boys. I say mess because one of them, who appeared to have graduated was coated with ketchup, mayonnaise, and other condiments. I had to spot and asked what happened. The boy just pointed to his two mates on either side of them both of who seemed quite pleased with themselves (will upload pictures later). He explained that when a student graduates his mates celebrate by making a mess of them. The poor kid was certainly a mess; he had ketchup in his ear...not just his ear, like his eardrum. Gross. We told him congratulations and begged him to take a picture with us to which he consented. We then proceeded on our way back to the center of oxford.
It was during this part of the walk that Meghan told me that she was surprised by me. She had been under the impression that I was the demure sort of person she met at her house not the exciting, lovable, amazing, interesting, funny person I was now (note: I may have added a few adjectives to that last sentence). Of course this was after I made a joke about me laughing at the thought of her face planting. So she may have just been being facetious. I explained when I'm on someone else's territory/turf I err on the side of politeness. Otherwise I try to always have a good sense of humor and be overall the enjoyable person I always am (note: I may have just lied somewhere in that last sentence).
We sight saw a little more and documented our trip via our cameras before we had to part ways and I sent myself off to my last interviews for the day. I took the train back home and found myself thinking about my trip as I stared at the passing fluffy cotton balls of sheep and green rolling hills (why do authors/writers always say green rolling hills?). I like England. It's nice. The countryside is beautiful and the people are relatively pleasant. So that's what I thought as I proceeded to doze off on the train back.
I cat napped until my stop where I raced back to Brunel University for presentations at Halsbury college. I was a tad late and had to ask a receptionist for help in locating the room. She derogatorily told me she had no idea what I could possibly be talking about, to which I responded that I was sorry for bothering her and I would just take a look around. She huff and puffed and told me I couldn't do that; I did it anyway. I ended up finding the room....by myself....stinking receptionist. The presentations were nice, but annoying. The entire thing was supposed to be from 3-7pm. However as the presenters were not courteous of their presentations or their audience, they took 20-30 minutes to present instead of the 10 minutes they were allotted to present. Hence we went until rather late. Annoying. Note to self: when presenting, always stick to presentation time allotments.
I interviewed my last two people for the day and raced back to my room.
One of my best friends, Isabella, had announced her arrival to the area via a sticky note on my dorm door. I raced to her dorm room and pounded on it until I roused her from her slumber. I exuberantly hugged her and we sat on her bed and talked till who knows when. She told me about her experiences in Europe and other life experiences (she had been traveling by herself in Europe for two months prior to my arrival there, read about her experiences here: http://bellaseurope.blogspot.com). It was so good to see her face.
We caught up over a bowl of cereal and talked about our plans for the following day. We then decided to call it a night and cause some trouble for tomorrow. Let's hope we succeed.

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