Paper time

Today's weather was magnificent. Seriously it couldn't have been a more pleasant day, except for the fact that Bella went to Epping to spend the rest of the week with her sister and left me here to finish my last interview and paper. Argh. I hate delaying exciting things and life for school. Nonetheless, I have priorities and responsibilities so after seeing Bella off on the tube I went to the library to write my paper. I stayed there for a few hours and after writing about a third of it I headed back to my dorm. I did some laundry, rearranged my suitcase, talked with some fellow students, and read a book. Overall a nice relaxing day spent inside when there is beautiful weather to be enjoyed outside. We're supposed to have nice weather for the rest of the week which stinks because for the rest of the week I'll be working on my paper. Lame-oh.
Nonetheless I'm determined to enjoy the rest of the day in some fashion, perhaps go to the pub and finally indulge in some fish and chips. We shall see where the wind takes me won't we?

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