Going home..

We made our way back to Madrid to Bella's cousins house. We arrived in the evening and met them at their new apartment. Their new apartment was much bigger and could accommodate us in their living room, they told us as we walked up to their apartment.
We had to leave the apartment at 6 in the morning to get to the airport to fly home. So I figured we would get to bed early and wake up early. Haha. This is Spain and people don't sleep here. I should have known better. Of course I realized this when I walked into the apartment and I saw their friends hanging out in the area we were assigned to sleep in. It was then that I knew we wouldn't be sleeping.
My body had gotten accustomed to the lack of sleep I supposed, primed from graduate school and now traveling Europe and not sleeping was part of it's function almost. So we chatted for a good portion of the night and then went to sleep for 3 hours when everyone went home and/or to bed.
But for some reason I couldn't sleep and neither could Bella. I think we were both nervous and excited about going home. Either way we didn't sleep at all. When our alarms went off we showered and quietly left, already having said our goodbyes the night before.
We traveled down the almost desolate street, with the exception of the occasional bum or drunk, with ghengis and baby Kahn. We made our way to the shuttle and from there got off at terminal 3. My flight was leaving in 2 hours, Bella's in 2 hours and 40-odd minutes. We said our tearful goodbyes. It was strange to think the person I have been spending the most amount of time within the past month I wouldn't see for many months. I got lost with Bella, slept in the same room as Bella, stayed up all night with Bella, ate with Bella, talked with Bella, read with Bella, cried with Bella, cuddled with Bella, argued with Bella.....and just like that....with one plane flight, I would never do that again. It was so weird to think that all those experiences we just had and shared would be over. We would never be able to continue our adventures or have them again.
That sad thought made me take a Tylenol PM while walking through Madrid's security. I also hold that sad thought responsible for making me purchase expensive tax-free Dior perfume before boarding the plane. Once I was on the plane and the engines were droning midair though, I couldn't help but smile through my drowsiness. I was going home. I can't wait.

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