Holi Canoli...

After spending way too much time on Google discussion groups and other blogs. I finally figured out its not just me. Seems like alot of people were struggling to put up their blogs on a custom domain name. Google's directions are not very clear in setting up a domain's CNAME with a hosting service and it's a little bit more complicated then the text shows (as usual with anything regarding technology). At least not very clear when it comes to using GoDaddy as your host. Which is what I was doing. After disabling and enabling both my start page and web page in Google Apps, I finally caved in and used another hosting service EveryDNS.net and I also still followed Google's directions on that. Now that should have been a huge waste of time, regarding my past history with Google directions and Godaddy, but this was much more accurate. They didn't send me looking for tabs that didn't exist. I followed it pretty much to the tee, with the exceptions of number 3 and 4. I didn't do those. Anyway, about an hour later I got a different Error 404 on my page and then I figured it was time to try setting up again in Blogger Settings. So I did. And it worked. *Hallelujah Chorus* It's beautiful. I can't say it was all me cause it definitely wasn't. So here's my thanks to all the guys and girls that shared the same frustration with me and worked it out anyway. Especially..
Darnell Clayton "Revisiting That "404 WWW" Blogger Issue"
The Real Blogger Status "Google Custom Domain-Case Study #1"
The Real Blogger Status "Another blog is already hosted at this address"
And all the people who participated in the Google discussion groups...I really don't know how you do that but you do it well.

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