The making of a domain name

Agh. It's taking so much work and brain power for me to figure out how to take my Google domain name and change it into my desired domain name (
I thought this would be super easy. But no way jose. It's a little more work than that and I'm not sure I'm up for doing that kinda work. I thought going to Google Blogger Help and would help but so far no luck. The closest I came to was this and I tried doing the GoDaddy directions but no luck. I think I'm gonna have to pay to host it. I think thats what I have to do...Basically I bought my domain name via Google ( and was hoping they would be able to host it and transfer all my blogging goodness to it. But I think I need to do more than just buy the domain name. I also have to go somewhere else to pay to host it. I should already know this but its taking a while for this info to sink in. I'm a slow learner.

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