But I've been busy...

A common phrase you hear from us bloggers...it's our way of getting a little pity from you while at the same time getting us off the hook. We are devious.

A invention I came across today that I thought was absolutely smashing was this:

I saw that and thought 'wow, life can't be any better than this.' However because I am a vegetarian now I would have to substitute those chicken nuggets with some cold asparagus. yum.

But yet again, my friends, yes, it can be improved.

MyChingo, it lets you hear readers comments, rather than read them. MyChingo is a voice mail message service that lets readers record comments from their browsers and send them to you. Michael Bailey, the guy who came up with the technology, says that you can even let other people who visit your site listen to the comments. Ummmm while that sounds nice and all...I'm not sure I am sold on that idea. Only because when I read someone's post or comment I like to add my own inflection in my mind of what they sound like and how they would say what they posted. But the theory is sweet.

Alright that's about all I can post right now. But believe you me, I will be back.

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