Happy Valentine's Day...now go couch surf

Another 30 minutes to go till this day is officially over. 29 now. I always find it so amusing, when it's a holiday or semi-holiday, Google will spice up their logo. Sends me into a fit of giggles.I saw in a Jewish paper that they have at my school ("The Shipel") their is a website called Couchsurfing.com. You probably have already assumed what this is and you would probably be right. You can go anywhere in the world to visit and have a place to crash. So you can be dirt poor and still travel. Pretty amazing. They have feedback from people who have already done it and so far it's seems to be pretty good.
Also heard some good and not so good things about the MacBook Air. Apparently it is well designed but has zero battery life. It lasts just a little over 2 hours left to itself. Yeesh, not good. I would definitely not like to be in the position of having to allow my laptop to be babysat by an electric outlet. Not my thing...but otherwise it looks sharp and performs well.
I thought there was one other thing I had to share but I can't recall it at the present time. If I remember I'll jump back on here and tell you allllll about it.

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curbside_puppet said...

hey! i wanna greet you a happy valentine's as well!