Give me Tom Sartori..

It has been awhile hasn't it? Missed me much? :)
Well I missed you.

I heard of this car program they have directed at college students called Flexcar and ZipCar....wait lemme check to see if that's right...yup, it is! they charge students about 40-50 bucks a year as a membership fee and you get this swipe card. So every time you want to rent/borrow a car you swipe your card on the side door and it unlocks and you grab the keys from somewhere (I think it's from the glove department). That sounds kinda nice till I kept reading and found out that they charge either 60 bucks a day for using it or 6.50 per hour. I mean granted you don't have to pay for insurance, maintenance, and upkeep....but that's still kinda alot. And unless you live a block from the place you still have to get someone to drop you off at the place to pick up your car...well heck, why not just give the person who drops you off some cash to borrow their car for the day? Some people make this so complicated.....
On to a new topic...Normally I don't do this but I'm promoting an artist: Tom Sartori. I heard/saw him at Fat Tuesday's here in G'ville and I gotta say I was kinda impressed. His music is kinda contemporary, alternative, pop kind of music with a dash of country. I liked it. Give it a listen if you have nothing better to do and lemme know what you're thoughts are on it. I would be intrigued to know.
Anything else? nah I think that's it....oh I might take a picture of me couch surfing and throw it on my last yeah, don't be surprised if I show up there.
Anyway I gotta go to the gym, gosh stop holding me up. ;)


Chuck said...

You know every once and a while you get me hooked on something...
Well it's been a while but I think you did it again and his name is Tom Sartori.
Whenever I need something new, I know who to talk to. You do awesome field work. Sure you don't want to be a field reporter?

Michelle Hipps said...

the music that guy puts out is so addictive....I'm glad you like it :)
I throw the idea around of being a field reporter in my head...and honestly some days I don't mind it...other days I can't stand it. the clincher for me is I want to love my job not "mind" it..that's why I know I'm not totally cut out for it. Plus it pays so little and I'm going to school to get a job that makes money :)