Google it, baby

Sometimes the slowness and, frankly, the stupidity of people just gets under my skin. One thing college has taught me is if you don't know how to do something or where to get it, you "google" it.
Yeah, I know, I've spent 8 grand on my education and with all the time I've been in college, this is the one thing I endorse? yep. Go to google, type in your problem/question; I can guarantee there will be a site presented to you with the answer on it. Amazing. Yet I have received some of the dumbest questions known to man. "How do I post on a blog?" Google it.
So I guess I have just got to bear some people lacking initiative. That will be tough.
Anyway...So I've struggled, yes mentally I really have, struggled with the fact that I don't have as much time to blog and post and research like I would like to. (Yes, all you English majors...I ended that sentence with a preposition and if you have no idea what I am talking about skip this parentheses.) In my travels on the web, I stumbled across a mind boggling post. Why didn't I think about this before?! Technology doesn't make me a slave to post everyday! Yes! (and yes that is me jumping off my couch for joy, I'm telling you I was quite happy)michelle hipps jumping in the airOh, I'm about to clog the blog-o-sphere again...I'm making another web-blogg. Should be keep a sharp eye a reader you owe it to me to check it out. ;)
Almost forgot here is google's logo for St. Patty's day....

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