Converting people and discovering brushes..

And so I have converted yet another person to the blogging world...welcome Jenna Harris to my private addiction: my blog. We met up for breakfast this morning and talked about alot of of the topics being blogging, from there I tortured her into agreeing to create a blog of her own. ;) She acquiesced ever so nicely.
I'm in the midst of a mini project. I'm designing a t-shirt for a club I'm apart of...and in the designing process I realize I wanted to make a paint splatter...well I've never done it in I googled what I was looking for and lo, and behold they have a ton of PS brushes!! I went stir crazy. I download so many brushes, my desktop is a mess.
but I have to say it really added to the shirt I was making.
Here's one of the designs I created...
I'll probably end up making a few more...but for now I'm too tired to design anything else. Speaking of tired...yep, it's about that time to grab some shut-eye. Night world.

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