Crying windows, emerging media, and opinions

I woke up to 29 degree weather. It made me not want to get out of bed. Well, cold weather in general makes most people not want to get out of bed...but today it made me really want to stay in bed. The condensation on my window was pretty unreal enough that I thought it deserved a picture. It looks like my window is crying.
Anyway I went to a workshop tonight for PRSSA. The guy who spoke was Michael Pranikoff from Emerging Media. He talked about web 2.0 and how it can be used in relation to public relations; I thought it was very interesting.
Anyway so I got home tonight to find out that an email I had sent out earlier today to some columnist is going to be printed in the opinion's section of tomorrow's newsletter. How random. It's not even an opinion, I was just commentating on an idea, well more like a sentence he had written. (Here it is)
Well I'm hungry and I'm gonna go eat some soup.

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Abhishek Kumar said...

Wow that sounds like a very cold day to me and pic that has been posted i must say wow.
Great ...
I have a question: it seems that this page is designed by you but you can tell me how did you that it looks nice and i was wondering how did you do that. Thank You
Abhishek Bolg