Well yesterday I woke up not feeling so hawt, but apparently it wasn't enough to kill me or make not blog today.
Thanksgiving is tomorrow. (I'm sure you didn't know this which is why I'm telling you.) So you'll be busy and I'll be busy...I'll mostly be stuffing my face. No, wait I take that back. I'm not back to 100% health so I'll most likely be taking it easy on the food. But anyway the point is we'll be busy.
Wow. I know how to drag out making a point :P
I recently came across Chris Botti...a very talented young guy....and he has a very delicious Christmas CD. I shall be playing that in the background of my Thanksgiving Day while enjoying family, some friends, and hopefully, food. I encourage you to check him out and if you like what you hear...well either download (legally) or buy his CD. Anyway that's all I have to say...I have to go pack now...So if I don't have the honor of wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, let me wish it to you now. Happy Thanksgiving! eat your heart out. :) I love you homies.

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Abe's Babe said...

you can't sing along to jazz music.