What PR companies need to know.

I have a nasty cough. I don’t have a cold (at least I don’t think so) but I have this cough and it’s been hanging around for about 3 days now. It needs to exit out the front door.
Anyway so you must know I’m interning at a PR company…well working here has made me realize how stupid, but necessary interning is for a student.
Working here has also made me realize that PR companies are going to die a slow death if they don’t figure out what’s going on. I updated the phonelist here and it didn’t occur to me till afterwords that it is the blood in this company’s veins. That phonelist is this company’s “Rolodex” of 30 years of hard work….and I can get all those number online, minus the 30 years. PR companies aren’t necessary anymore. There really is no reason for them…they refuse to blog, because they’re afraid of their message getting skewed or of feedback, they won’t delve into the web, because they think people prefer to view their information on paper, they’re terrified of change and immediacy, and their contacts can be gotten anywhere. Why PR are you still here?
I have come across one PR company who I think finally got the idea. I was so happy. Because quite honestly, I think the social media should have gone to PR companies. They were the most apt to handle it….communication is their thing. But they didn’t take the reins fast enough…same goes for journalism…but at least journalism took part of it before it was completely lost to them….PR hasn’t done a thing.
So now, a person anywhere, any age, doing anything can start their own blog, join twitter, get their name out via digg, and have more contacts and be more prominent than any PR company. I agree with Melvin Yuan, what I think is going to happen is that companies will start to realize that they just need one person inside their company to manage their information. One person who will maintain a blog, update their website, be active on Twitter, and most importantly be transparent. The company’s audience shouldn’t have to go through numerous persons to get the real scoop. The day where that happened is over. People’s attention spans are shorter and they won’t tolerate it…and if you aren’t accommodating them: you lost them.


Bruce > The Big Desk said...

Hi Michelle,
Thanks for the comment at The Big Desk - I included a little link to your blog on tonight's Friday Night Links post. Appreciate the nudge about Twitter, think I will give it a try.


Miss Moxie said...

hey there. i agree to an extent. agencies need to not only say they're relevant and up to speed, but practice it. it's one of the reason's i decided to go the PR route on my own after 12 years. agencies were very good to me, but for the most part, as a consultant it's been easy to learn new tricks, jump in head first and practice what i preach with my clients in re: to social media, without someone at the top telling me what i can/can't do based on my title. i love this industry and believe when the approach is right, PR is a valuable tool.

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