NASA image-capturing technology...impressive.

In case you were wondering applications for the best job in the world are due February 22nd. So get cranking and make sure you submit your stuff.
Last night, I spent an hour getting my favicon up, which for me is an hour too long. Thanks to two separate posts by Peter I was able to get it up. So notice it...appreciate it...and repeat after me: 'awwwwwh'. Nice, very nice.
Anyway what really caught my attention was this.
It's a picture of the inauguration taken with a NASA image-capturing technology that was developed to take wide-angle Hi-Def pictures on Mars. The inauguration picture was taken with a robotic camera at 1,474 mega pixel (295 times the standard 5 mega pixel camera). It's madness.
I got this patriotic site sent to me today in an email. I kinda wondered how they were able coordinate all those artists singing and playing at different places. Regardless, it made me put my hand over my heart.
Yeah. So that's all I got for for me...I have about a 12 foot stack of books waiting for me on my desk. My professors claim it's homework, we students call it torture.

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