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I do worship the ground my iPhone walks on. I admit it freely. There are only some minor things that I would change about it though. Video capturing capability (without having to jailbreak it), longer lasting battery, being able to use flash, receiving picture text messages through text instead of having to go online and type in some ginormous code, not hanging up on people when I put in the headphones/mouthpiece, and having a zoom feature for the camera would be some of the things I would change about it. But like I said it's only minor. Another issue that I've noticed as of late and with the onset of cold weather is that you can't wear gloves when using your iPhone. Well, I should say you couldn't. 4Sight Products Inc. have created $40 gloves to wear when working the magic on your iPhone, much to a lot of people's relief.
As I was perusing the web a couple of days ago I realized a lot of people wanted to block text messaging completely on their iPhone. There is a method to do so, despite many people's complaints of there not being one. So I posted it on twitter and now am informing you like my duty calls me to do.
I peruse the web mostly through my iPhone these days, but reading stuff on the web via 'Jemima' hurts my eyes, so I throw on my nerdy glasses. I don't know why I told you that, it's not really relevant to what I'm about to say...but anyway Wired.com has compiled, in my humble, personal opinion the best top list of iPhone apps. Sadly, I have not downloaded the top 1st app, but it's on my list of things to do.
I overuse smiley faces, a lot sometimes. And to all those overused smiley faces...
I dedicate this next video to you.

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