Save the day.

So last night I became intensely focused (haha only Amanda will get this one) and was working on a paper that was due in 18 hours. Well...mix a little bit of my ADD with that intensity and what do you get? Me, working on a completely different task. Like wedding stuff (I have a love/hate relationship with wedding stuff).
I came to the conclusion that I was going to have to send out save the dates, something I had ruled out earlier for various reasons, one of them mainly being I'm cheap. So why the change of mind?
Well, me and the fiance have a few people that we are going to be inviting that have the memory of a goldfish, so we decided perhaps save the dates is the best way to ensure certain people don't schedule anything else on our "special" day.
So we're doing them. It's settled.
So if you know me, you might be aware that I'm a researcher. I over-research everything. I've already over researched everything regarding save the dates, styles of photography for save-the-dates, and props for save-the-dates. Feeling inspired by my research, I just knew I had to do something cute. Creative. And way cool. (Gotta be the talk of the town, people, it's my life goal.)
Anyway so I spent many days lusting over one of my fiance's graduate school friends engagement photos. I just love those wooden numbers against the railroad tracks. It's so perfect. So amazing. But at 4 bucks a pop, I just couldn't justify it. So what did I do? Inconvenienced other people so that I could get my cute save-the-date props in there. Yep.

So what's the plan...

Well it's going to be a bit of this....

......squished with a little bit of that.
Yeah. It should be horrific by the time I'm done making it but at least it will scare people enough not to forget our date.
We'll just have to see how crafty I am.

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