Wedding insanity....and go.

Anybody who has a desire to experience low levels of insanity should take up my lifestyle. Work, teach, go abroad, endure graduate school and plan a wedding. Seriously, you will wonder what possessed you. Now I don’t intend to make it all sound like doom and gloom (it is though) there some highlights that make it all worth it (they don’t occur often though) and knowing that I will have crossed some things off my life’s to-do list is quite fulfilling (not really).
Now I can handle a lot of things (at least I think I can). Work, no problem. Teaching, a little scary at first, but I got this. Going abroad, buying a fanny pack (don’t judge), but that’s do-able. Enduring graduate school, we’re testing the limits, but I can pull through (I think). Planning a wedding, I got all this other stuff, should be easy right? ha....ha.....ha.
Planning a wedding is quite the conundrum. Try picking out your colors. I spent two months, perhaps more trying to figure that out. 

“Grey and green...with brown!”

“It’s now blue, green and black.”

“That’s just not about just black and white?”

“Pink is an option....I’m not a pink girl, but all the blogs show pink is the thing.”
Most horrifying experience ever. Now what on earth could have been so bad about it, you ask me. Well first off, I’ve come to realize I can be extremely indecisive (don’t worry I’ve warned the fiance about this). Now pair that up with I research too much and become influenced by what I see. Add a dash of knowing that everyone is going to judge you based on your colors and perhaps who you are as a couple and let that bias carry on over into the rest of your life as a couple (I may be exaggerating at this point). Regardless, it’s a tough decision to make. Colors set the tone for your entire wedding. Sort of. And with all the lovely (annoying) wedding blogs that suggest a bazillion different colors, you’re bound to question the color choices you think you’re going to decide on.
Centerpieces. I loathe them. They took as long to decide on as the wedding colors. But somehow they were very important to me. Don’t ask me why. Because I don’t know, but I do know I cared (still do) a great deal about what people were going to be staring at while eating their food. I did resort a few times to throwing a $50 in the middle of the table and calling it a day. I thought it might be interesting to see what would happen if I did that, could make for a great social experiment. Why on earth could these have mattered so much to me? I wanted it to be unique. I wanted people to know we aren’t the ordinary couple that just throws flowers on our tables. I wanted books and candles and flasks, I wanted to impress people with my great creative skill. Clearly I cared too much about what other people thought. Because in all actuality, they will probably barely give the centerpieces a second glance. So I decided on something simple, slightly creative, but above all, something easy (much to the fiance’s delight).
I debated as to telling the world (aka the 4 people who read this blog) my colors and centerpiece ideas, but I’m going to refrain. Why? Because I can. I’m doing this whole wedding thing Kate Middleton style. Secrecy about everything. Of course until I upload the pictures. Then you all are welcome to sell the pictures to the tabloids. Just remember to give me a portion of what you make. 90% percent should be fine.

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