What makes us feel alive?

Note: This was written earlier this morning....just never did hit the 'Publish Post' button.

While doing some research for a paper that is timely due tomorrow, I stumbled across a question posed by Kristen on her blog WanderLust specifically in her ‘About Me’ section. I shall quote her on the whole paragraph as it puts it into perspective:

“In 2009 I started writing again after a 10-year hiatus and realized I’d been a fool to stop. Why do we ever stop doing the things that make us feel alive?”

So why do we? I’d like to think I have an answer to that question. In an effort to continually attempt to revive my ability to blog and post regularly, which hasn’t really happened since I graduated undergrad, I’ve tried many things. I insisted that what makes me feel alive is trying a lot of things, which in part is very true, I do thrive on doing many things at once. But in doing so many things, you let what you thought once made you alive and substitute it for other things. Graduate school was an unfortunate substitution. I’m constantly threatening, to really no one in particular, that I shall quit it. Just up and leave. I haven’t decided if I’m really going to do that, but I suppose I should make up my mind about it sometime soon as I’m due to be done in December. Photography is another more fortunate substitution that I’ve made. I thoroughly enjoy it. Alas, graduate school has overcome my time for that enjoyment. It would seem to the reader that graduate school is the excuse of choice, I wish it were an excuse. Work is another substitution for blogging, one has to live after all. And finally wedding planning. That is a happy substitution, however painful it may sometimes be. 
I think that we give up the things that make us feel alive because 1.) we think there are other things that make us feel alive, 2.) we get busy with these other things, 3.) we get bored or uninspired and as such feel like we have nothing to contribute. I’ll take all of the above for 300 please.
Even right now as I am primed to pour out my guts onto this little post, I am due to be at work at 10:30, after that I must finish my 10-page paper, which then I must finish reading the last 100 pages of the book that is due for tomorrow, after that I must come up with a lesson plan for my little sophomores tomorrow and grade their speech papers.
Just reading that is self defeating. Regardless, I shall putter on and as I have done in the past I shall yet again pledge to be more diligent on posting. I won’t however say they shall be regular posts about any directed topic, however they will be posts, random and un-timed. Just like my life.

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