Bath...(pronounced Baath)

Today was the day I was meant to stick my feet in the English Channel. I could just feel it in my bones when I woke up this morning.
Dr. W had set up an appointment with Dr. E in Bournemouth today and whoever wanted to come could join along. Myself and 6 other people in the program decided to tag along for this appointment with talks of perhaps stopping off at Bath in the way back. We ventured out at 8 in the morning and took the bus which took us to the tube, which took us to the train, which finally....after 4 hours....landed us in Bournemouth (don't feel too much pity for us we amused ourselves immensely, I'll post pictures of the goodness later). Stepping off the train in Bournemouth you could just tell you were in a different place. The air was warmer and there were children screeching. Turns out the sounds of children screeching was actually the sounds of the seagulls.
We met Dr. E there and wandered down the town with our guide. He told us interesting things to do around town, however the only question I really wanted an answer to was the price of gas here. He told me it was about £6 a gallon. That amounts to $10 a gallon (roughly speaking). what? Now I know why smart cars are such a hit over here.
We continued down the slope and soon beheld the English Channel. I could smell the salty air. After 2.5 weeks of no ocean, the smell was delicious. Shoes, backpacks, socks, went flying as we raced into the water. We were clearly Floridians....or tourists...take your pick. We took pictures of it, took pictures of us in it, did everything but submerge our cameras into the water. It was beautiful. After we became one with the water, we became disinterested because our stomaches became interested in food. We went to this little fish and chips place right by the ocean and had our lunch there. We talked to Dr. E and savored our food as well as his answers to our questions.
Concluding the lunch we walked back to the station with glances at an ocean we may never see again. I tried to take it in. It was an amazing view. It's an ocean flanked by cliffs, lands and islands, with red-nosed people ambling by a carnival and ice cream stands peppering the coastline.....I felt that if we all should don Victorian style bathing suits we should fit in perfectly. Hopefully, I shall never forget what it looks like.
We returned to the station and started to plan our trip to Bath. Once we settle what train to take and what direction we should go in, we set out on our journey. Once in the train though I suddenly didn't feel like seeing Bath, so I decided to join Dr. W back to Uxbridge. I felt like I made a good choice. I caught up on my paper a bit more and had lovely conversations with her. We arrived in Uxbridge 2 hours later and I decided to commit the rest of the night to writing some more of my paper. I got bored after awhile and went to the kitchen to eat. Then went back to write some more. Alas, this is where I'm at...still writing my paper...until of course I decided to take another break to blog this. So I suppose I should get back to my paper, eh?

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