Paper writing un-inspires me...

I feel uninspired to write.....but I'm going to do it anyway. Today was a hum-drum sort of day. I spent the morning stocking up on groceries, going to the Internet cafe to unload my camera of pictures, and doing some window shopping in the area. I've discovered that their candy selection stinks, they have a dollar store that they call Poundland here, their quality of shoes are way better than ours, and that I miss Wal-mart (never thought I would say that). I was heading back to Brunel when I ran into Dr. W. We talked for a bit before I headed off back to my room to devote myself to my paper some more (I've spent so much time on it I should build a shrine to it). I worked on it until a head peeked into my dorm asking me for salt. As I love the taste of salt (I know this sounds weird, try to withold judgement) I had a couple of packets in my room which I gave her (her being a girl who's also doing the study abroad with Dr. W). I then started to smell these delicious smells. So naturally I investigated the source. Turns out the girls in the program decided to cook a dinner. Sa-weet. I asked if they needed anything, they said more salt. I, being the purveyor of salts in the land of Uxbridge, knew exactly where to get some. I went out and got some and also brought back a bottle of wine. It was time to party. We set the table and we enjoyed. It was really nice.
We chatted about things we've seen, the political state of things, how we met each others spouse/fiancé and funny things that have happened. I had a really nice time. It kind of made me miss home.
We cleaned up and while some went to bed, some others (myself included) decided to stay up until we completed a puzzle (I'm such an overachiever, such high goals I set for myself). We successfully completed the puzzle before calling it a night. It was a rather blasé day, but it was nice because it reminded me that sometimes no matter what you're doing, how many people you meet, how much you accomplish, how much you travel or how much you know, all the people that really matter are the people youre meeting at the dinner table. And hopefully the people you meet at the dinner table are people you love, because that makes for a very enjoyable moment. So enjoyable that I forgot to take pictures of it and if you know me, I like to document everything, so not documenting something because I was enjoying myself says a lot.