Later Rome...

We had made plans to see the Vatican and the Sistine chapel today, however we were so anxious to get out of Rome we decided to ditch the pope and Michelangelo's new paint job on the ceiling. We high-tailed it to the main terminal and proceeded to get on the next train out of Rome, pronto. However a fire broke out on the tracks and backed up every train in and out of Rome. So the place we were desperate to get out of, was keeping us there.
With our specific tickets we couldn't book a train until the next day, all the trains leaving today were for regular ticket holders.....and we didn't want to be there for another day. So we did what two ordinary girls would do in a situation like that...we just got on the next train out and decided to take our chances of getting kicked off.
The train we got on was packed and delayed by an hour. There were hardly any seats left when we got on so we snagged some first class seats. My conscience started kicking in though and I knew we, as global pass holders, shouldn't be sitting in first class seats when we didn't pay for them. I also had a premonition that if we continued to sit there they would charge us the €104 they charge first class ticket holders and frankly I wasn't going to cough that up.
So I convinced Bella to sit on the floor because surely the conductors would take pity on us and wouldn't charge us if we played dumb and were sitting on the floor. At least that's what I hoped. Sure enough, the conductor checked our tickets, told us we shouldn't be on the train because we didn't have legit tickets but said he wouldn't charge us. Score. So we rode the rest of the way on the cafeteria floor to Florence.
The first thing I noticed when I got off the train in Florence was their strange patches of garden grass. It was kinda random, but nonetheless pretty to see. Bella and I went to go stand in line to grab our tickets for Madrid, Spain. And after waiting 45 minutes in line we got cut off by an Asian woman desperately trying to cut into the line. A couple of people fielded off the woman by telling her to go to the back of the line but once she got her waterworks going someone let her cut in front. Me and Bella were really aggravated but the Italian man behind us told us that they do this all the time.
We managed to get our tickets....and it wasn't pretty. We would have to take the night train from 12:38 to 10:00 the next morning. We didn't have much of a choice so we took them.
Next thing to do was to get a hotel or a hostel of some sort. We walked around for a bit before deciding, instead of finding wifi and booking it online, to just walk in and ask how much. The first three places were booked but we actually got a good price for our 3rd hotel. So we booked and set up our home for the next 12 hours there.
After we settled in we walked around the outdoor market places and allowed the Italian guys to flirt with us and give us a bracelet. We settled on eating at a place outdoors right next to the road. The wine was a little disappointing but the food was overall good. We called it an early night and decided to recoup for our 30 hour trip tomorrow. Should be interesting hopefully we don't kill each other.

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Enjoy Spain.