Isn't it too much?

I know that sites have to update themselves to stay on the cutting edge...I know this...but when 4 times a month iTunes wants me to update, Facebook switches links around so that I have to go looking for them, Youtube changes their uploading setup, and when Gmail changes the colors of my inbox...and then they do this all in the same day...I kinda cringe. When is updating too much? I say it's too much when it's not making an improvement to their site. iTunes: I have updated and updated, it doesn't seem to change much with each update. Facebook: the links were fine, why did you change them, was it not aesthetically pleasing? Youtube: why did you change the uploading setup? the uploading setup you have now uploads the same as the other one. Gmail: colors? really?
Really guys, you just frustrate people like me. I don't want to have to download, update, restart my computer, figure out what I'm doing, look for what I need, that's all very time consuming (not to mention annoying).
I discovered Scribd today with this guy's help I shall be forever grateful. I had to upload PDF files online and I wasn't entirely sure how to do it. I also found out you can convert Word documents into PDF files for free. How nice and convenient.
Anything else? I think not.

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Abhishek said...

yeah you are write... it seems that your are very interested in nature and its climatic value. By looking at your picture i am sure you are too much into photography. Keep it up.